Customised Facials

massage of face for woman in spa salon

Here at Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic we offer bespoke facials using luxurious, holistic products.

Fat Away Plus


Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic have developed ‘Fat Away Plus’ a unique and exclusive laser fat removal treatment.

Lines & Wrinkles


Wrinkle injections are an effective way of reducing even the deepest wrinkles and smoothing the skin.



Our shop is stocked with our recommended beauty products, beautiful silk bed linen and hand-made designer jewellery.

More about Rita and Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic

Rita graduated from The Institute Boué, Brussels, Belgium in 1976. She founded her first clinic in Cheshire in 1977. Having suffered herself with acne she undertook research into the condition and now derives much pleasure in seeing her clients’ skin improve and their confidence restored without the use of harsh drugs and the trauma of scarring.

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